CMP Initiative

 Kendriya Vidyalaya khagaria plan for strengthing of Primary Education forYear 2013-2014

Successful implantation of the CMP in order to strengthen primary
Education the following activity Schedule
  1. Worksheet of each and every lesson for class I & II are prepare by all subject teacher.
    • For block period time table going to redesigned.
    • TLM is used by all teachers.
    • Resource room equipped by audio-video facility and projector facility will also going to provide.
    • Proper stationery facility provide in CMP.
    • Class library will be utilized
For development of spoken English
1.       Special command and instruction given to student in English.
2.       Small English conversation sentence given in class I & II to improve English.
3.       Teacher encouraged student to talk in English.
4.       Teacher used English conversation in teaching as well as in school campus.
5.       English skit and play are done in class room and in assembly.
For the effective use of computer
        1. Specific periods are allotted in each   class to improve and understand computer.
        2. Various educational CD will be Shown to student for teaching different subjects.
        3.   Moral story CD, Yoga CD is shown among students.
        4.   Computer is used for effective learning.