Scouts & Guides
Session- 2014-2015
Annual Calendar of Activity Program   Report
1. World environment day celebration on 5th June – Plantation has been done by scouts & guides.
2.International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking 26th June –Scout & Guides made people aware regarding the traffic rules, ill effects and disease caused by using drugs like-tobacco, people of Khagaria are very much addicted of chewing tobacco which may cause mouth cancer.
3. World forest day 30th June – Scouts & Guides made people aware regarding the conservation of forest. Plantations of trees have been done by scouts & guides.
4. Sadbhawana divas 20th August- They presented a skit showing unity among all the religions-like-Hindu, Muslim, Sikh & Iasi. They presented community songalso.
5. Teachers day 5th September- Scouts & Guides presented group dance& group song.
6. World literacy day 8th September- Scouts & guides devoted one hour after school
to teach the people living in slums.
7. International day of peace 16th September –They presented speech & drama concerned with peace and paid homage to our freedom fighters Father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.
8. BS & G Foundation day 7th Nonmember- Distribution of flag sticker day of foundation day has been done            among scouts guides. Cultural programme was presented by scouts & Guides.